Find out how to apply 3D printing in the different departments within the dental sector

Dental Prosthetist

The dental prosthetics department is an important area within the dental sector that focuses on the creation of prostheses and orthopaedic appliances that are used for the correction and replacement of missing, damaged or misaligned teeth.

Reducing the time to market of the customised solution
Creation of high-precision customised dental prostheses
Reducing costs by avoiding the use of moulds

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Polymaker Polybox Filament drybox

3D filament storage box that allows you to store your materials in an optimal printing environment while printing with them. It features a thermo-hygrometer to monitor the filaments inside the box. Humidity is regulated by large desiccant bags that absorb moisture from the air inside the PolyBox™.

PVA spools

Polyvinyl alcohol is one of the best water-soluble support materials for multiple extrusion 3D printing. It offers freedom and convenience for designing complex model geometries that require supports, which dissolve in tap water.

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