Students from the European Business School of Chile visit INTECH3D to explore 4.0 technologies

July 6, 2023
  • Students from the European Business School of Chile visit INGROUP as a reference company in 4.0 technologies during their international experience
  • Together with the students, we have exchanged experiences and knowledge about 4.0 technologies during their visit to INGROUP

Today we have had the honor of receiving the visit of a group of master's students from the European Business School of Chile, in collaboration with the prestigious University of Lleida. During their international week in the city, students have had the opportunity to explore our INGROUP headquarters and immerse themselves in an exciting world of 4.0 technologies.

From 3D printing and robotics to holograms and virtual simulation, students have witnessed firsthand how these innovations are transforming the business landscape and opening up new business opportunities.

Accompanied by Mr. José Manuel Alonso Martínez, deputy director of the Continuing Education Center of the University of Lleida, the students have shown boundless enthusiasm and insatiable curiosity throughout the visit. Our team of professionals and technology experts have shared their knowledge and answered all of the students' questions, creating a collaborative and enriching learning environment.

This international experience has been very valuable both for the students and for us. We have given them a unique insight into the current technology landscape and have inspired them to continue exploring the possibilities of 4.0 technologies in their future careers.

From INGROUP, we want to express our gratitude to the students of the European Business School of Chile for choosing us as part of their international experience. We also thank Mr. José Manuel Alonso Martínez and the University of Lleida for their collaboration in this enriching program.

We wish the students all the best in their future. We are sure that they will take with them the knowledge acquired during this visit and apply it in innovative ways in their future projects and business challenges. We wish them much success in their professional careers! May your paths be filled with achievements and technological advances.

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