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UltiMaker S5 + Print Core CC 0.6 (Red) + 3D scanner

As experts in 3D printing, our work ranges from consulting to companies that want to incorporate additive manufacturing to the application of this technology to their production processes. To better detail the advantages of additive manufacturing, applied in the industrial sector, in this article we will talk about one of the latest success stories of INTECH3D, together with the company CIMEC3D – MECANITZATS ALBOSCH SL.


The company MECANITZATS ALBOSCH SL, has a vast experience acquired in its more than 20 years of professional career. A few years ago, the company decided to expand with the incorporation of CIMEC3D, with the intention of taking advantage of the potential offered by 3D printing and scanning in its sector.

“3D printing, and its multiple technologies, have allowed us to innovate and offer a broader service to our customers. In our company, we have different equipment and technologies that bring us great benefits. For example, the UltiMaker equipment allows us to work with a wide variety of materials. In addition, we have integrated the PrintCore CC 0.6 (Red) in that same equipment, with which we can work with fiber-reinforced materials. We also have 3D scanning technology to reverse engineer, get blueprints and use it in some processes during quality control.”


The challenge: increase productivity and reduce costs

The industry sector, over time, has been updating the manufacturing processes and the technology used, which has resulted in a notable increase in the historical profitability achieved.

In this way, the company CIMEC3D – MECANITZATS ALBOSCH SL intended to integrate various types of materials into its production, as long as they met the minimum quality requirements. The great flexibility provided by 3D printing has allowed them to opt for cheaper resources and, in addition, increase the quality of all their products.

It should be noted that CIMEC3D – MECANITZATS ALBOSCH SL, had among its main objectives working with new materials, as well as innovating and manufacturing parts incorporating new additive manufacturing techniques.

In this way, they would be able to improve their production processes and increase the quality of their products, minimizing the costs and the time necessary to manufacture a part.

The solution: new techniques and materials for 3D printing

As a result of the implementation of new 3D printing techniques, at CIMEC3D – MECANITZATS ALBOSCH SL they can use new materials in their production chain. In this way, you have the possibility to experiment with the properties of each material, and test its resistance, its hardness or its level of propensity to fatigue.

One of the great benefits of additive manufacturing is the wide variety of functions it provides us: it allows us to work with prototypes prior to the launch of a product or also to create final parts and tooling elements. In this sense, 3D printing has provided CIMEC3D – MECANITZATS ALBOSCH SL with a differentiation from its competition, in addition to achieving flexibility in production, to easily adapt to the requirements of its clients.

To achieve their objectives, they have incorporated different 3D printing equipment. Among them, the UltiMaker S5 3D printer, which allows them to use a wide range of materials and, consequently, adapt to the demands of their customers. They have also integrated the Print Core CC 0.6 (Red) team, which offers them the option of working with fiber-reinforced materials.

In the same way, 3D scanning technology has been implemented to carry out reverse engineering processes, obtaining plans and, in some cases, for quality control. As you can see, the new approach offers important advantages to the company CIMEC3D – MECANITZATS ALBOSCH SL.

Project results: produce with new materials and techniques

The effort invested by both parties is already paying off. Thanks to the new kit in additive manufacturing and the combination of various 3D printing technologies, our client has been able to improve and expand its production options and integrate new materials for 3D printing.

On the other hand, the development of its processes has been streamlined and production costs have dropped: this is a positive consequence that motivates a rapid return on investment (ROI). This is a highlight, since many entrepreneurs wonder about the necessary investment and the payback period before deciding on this technology.

To give you a quick idea of the improvement that CIMEC3D – MECANITZATS ALBOSCH SL has achieved, it is enough to analyze the following data: if before it took about two weeks to complete production, now they only require 48 hours to do so. In addition, they have reduced production costs by 60-70%.

From the point of view of CIMEC3D – MECANITZATS ALBOSCH SL, the incorporation of new additive manufacturing techniques has perfected the way of obtaining the final products. At the same time, they offer a comprehensive service to their customers and extensive options to meet their needs, an aspect that has allowed them to make a qualitative leap in the service they provide.

Finally, we want to congratulate our client for his innovative vision of him and thank him for trusting our company to advise him on the implementation of different 3D printing technologies.

At INTECH3D we are 3D printing consultants, so we take care of analyzing each company and the benefits they can obtain thanks to the application of additive manufacturing. In addition, we are official distributors of different brands and 3D printing equipment on the market and we offer maintenance if necessary. If your company wants to go a step further in the way of producing, improving the manufacturing process, we will be happy to offer you the necessary information to do so and resolve all doubts about it.

The INTECH3D 3D Consulting process

INTECH3D we are business advisers and consultants, in the field of the integration of additive production technologies in the value chains of companies. We take responsibility for the correct integration of the teams in the value chain of each company or business:

  • Advice during the choice of the right technology
  • Marketing of equipment, consumables and spare parts
  • Training for the use of the necessary Hardware and Software
  • Integrated equipment maintenance
  • Official technical service for all products marketed

The INTECH3D technical team has more than 6 years of experience in various 3D printing technologies. We have different technologies and manufacturing materials with 3D printing, to cover the different technological or business needs of each sector:

  • Conceptual prototypes
  • Functional prototypes
  • Final components
  • Workshop tools
  • Spare parts
  • Short and medium production series.

It is also very important that all the departments of the same company know all the possibilities and benefits that 3D printing can bring to their sector:

  • Risk reduction in manufacturing
  • Reduced manufacturing costs
  • Reduced manufacturing time
  • Validation with a prototype before making an investment in final manufacturing
  • Manufacture "on demand", without discarding material.
  • Reduction of the "Time to Market" of the final product
  • Manufacture of "Bridge" series to know its fit in the market
  • Possibility of making short production series
  • Elimination of time in the provision of Stock

If you want to apply 3D printing technology in your company or business, do not hesitate to contact us. We are at the service of companies for the immediate resolution of any doubt or query related to the use of the equipment.

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