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FDM (Fused Deposition Modeling)

The Col legi Episcopal de Lleida already teaches 3D Printing technology to its students to turn them into future professionals in the sector.

About Col·legi Episcopal

Col legi Episcopal is a school located in the city of Lleida and that covers a wide range of training, from early childhood education to post-compulsory studies, such as Baccalaureate and Intermediate and Higher Level Training Cycles. The school was founded in the 50s of the last century, and its objective has always been to be able to offer a comprehensive education and training to all its students.

Training your students with 4.0 technologies

“Now that the robotics area is in the day-to-day of the educational curriculum, the 3D printer allows us to customize our own robotics models. First we analyze the different components of the robot, then they are designed in 3D with easy and intuitive software and later the customized parts and accessories of the robots are materialized thanks to the 3D printer.”

Ángel Murillo – Professor of Electronics at COL LEGI EPISCOPAL

The challenge: Train students with practical methods

Among the Advanced Training Cycles (CFGS), within the technological field of the Col·legi Episcopal, the Degree in Electrotechnical and Automated Systems is taught. It includes training on technology, electronics, robotics, facilities and industry. Thus, the center's teachers believed it was necessary to add a new tool with which to carry out the students' work quickly and economically, being able to assess the result in a real way and practice with the robotics prototypes designed.

The solution: 3D printing

The first step was to analyze the learning path of the students, to detect how 3D printing could solve their needs and find the most suitable additive manufacturing technology for them:

  • Applied 3D technology: FDM (Fuse Desposition Modeling)
  • 3D materials used: PLA filament
Project results: 3D printing to train students

Col·legi Episcopal decided to trust INTECH3D to find an additive manufacturing technology that would meet the needs of its students. They now have a 3D printer in their classrooms so that students can not only study robotics, but also practice it by designing prototypes of mobile robots with external controls and made with 3D printed parts.

Thanks to their new 3D printer, students acquire new knowledge of computer programming and technology, learn to use new tools and get used to working in digitized environments. In addition, the possibility of bringing their projects to life through 3D printing creates a much more practical work environment, making students enjoy learning and want to continue expanding their knowledge.

At INTECH3D we are very happy to be able to help schools and centers in the educational sector such as the Col·legi Episcopal, making students aware of new technologies and giving them the opportunity to become future professionals.

The INTECH3D 3D Consulting process

INTECH3D we are business advisers and consultants, in the field of the integration of additive production technologies in the value chains of companies. We take responsibility for the correct integration of the teams in the value chain of each company or business:

  • Advice during the choice of the right technology
  • Marketing of equipment, consumables and spare parts
  • Training for the use of the necessary Hardware and Software
  • Integrated equipment maintenance
  • Official technical service for all products marketed

The INTECH3D technical team has more than 6 years of experience in various 3D printing technologies. We have different technologies and manufacturing materials with 3D printing, to cover the different technological or business needs of each sector:

  • Conceptual prototypes
  • Functional prototypes
  • Final components
  • Workshop tools
  • Spare parts
  • Short and medium production series.

It is also very important that all the departments of the same company know all the possibilities and benefits that 3D printing can bring to their sector:

  • Risk reduction in manufacturing
  • Reduced manufacturing costs
  • Reduced manufacturing time
  • Validation with a prototype before making an investment in final manufacturing
  • Manufacture "on demand", without discarding material.
  • Reduction of the "Time to Market" of the final product
  • Manufacture of "Bridge" series to know its fit in the market
  • Possibility of making short production series
  • Elimination of time in the provision of Stock

If you want to apply 3D printing technology in your company or business, do not hesitate to contact us. We are at the service of companies for the immediate resolution of any doubt or query related to the use of the equipment.

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