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UltiMaker S5 + Shining 3D Eins Scan 2x plus

3D printing is undoubtedly a manufacturing method on the rise in this new decade, even more so after seeing how it can help in most business sectors. In this case, Speed Service Reparation stands out for its ability to create and repair, in record time, the majority of vehicle parts using the scanner and 3D printing.

About Speed Service Reparation

Speed Service Reparation is a company located in Badalona (Barcelona) and in its workshop they make and repair all kinds of parts with plastic materials, for cars and for the automotive sector in general. Their demand for always achieving the best result has allowed them to bet on the latest technologies, in addition to having specialist plastic repairmen and an efficiency of work that, currently and thanks to the commitment to 3D printing, allows them to repair up to the 90% of plastic parts of a vehicle within a period of up to 4 days (Including the time of transport, repair and delivery of each piece).

3D printing as a new method to quickly manufacture and repair parts

“The integration of 3D printing in Speed Service Reparation has allowed us to speed up the production and repair processes of parts, achieving more effective and economic results and with excellent quality. In addition, thanks to the 3D scanner we have, we can make parts from scratch, scanning any part without having to design it, and with great precision in every detail”

Sergi San Juan - CEO and Founder of Speed Service Reparation

The challenge: repair vehicles imitating their parts to perfection

It is clear that imitating the parts so that they fit into the vehicles and do not cause any problems is the key to this entire process. And even more so in the particular case of the automotive sector, where the parts require selected materials. Since vehicles reach high temperatures in the engine area and can also suffer higher than normal pressure, we had to work together to find the ideal plastic for these cases. However, Speed Service Reparation already had extensive experience in repairing plastic parts, and together with our knowledge in the 3D printing industry, we were able to come up with the perfect technology and materials for the entire process.

Previously, Speed Service Reparation created the spare parts and other plastic parts manually: taking measurements, making custom moulds, taking the small pieces of plastic one by one until creating the final part. But, of course, this process takes too much work time and did not allow them to deliver as quickly as they wanted. From INTECH3D, we realized that their objectives could be easily achieved using new technologies. Specifically, we are committed to a joint action by the 3D scanner and printer. The scanner produces a three-dimensional photocopy of the piece to be reproduced and the 3D printer is in charge of imitating it with the plastic thread.

The solution: 3D scanner and printer to repair any part in less than 4 days

In this area, we have no doubt that a 3D printer had a very important job. So, by joining forces, we found that Speed Service Reparation was able to continue to offer the same quality to their customers with a 3D scanner and printer to accurately recreate parts. This would also help them reduce manufacturing costs and times, since a machine can work throughout the day without having to stop.

Thanks to 3D printing, the company managed to start a new process in which to make parts from scratch. On some occasions, the repair of parts is complicated, but through the 3D scanner they can scan any part without having to design it themselves; and later, the scanned model is printed in 3D with the appropriate plastic material to create the final part to repair the vehicle. The result is much more effective and cheaper than the one used up to now, hence the revolution that this technology introduces in the company, as you can imagine.

  • 3D technology used: UltiMaker S5 3D Printer + Shinning 3D Eins Scan 2x plus Scanner
  • 3D materials used: PP-GF30, ABS and PLA, studying in each case which material is best to use.
Project results: spare parts and parts created quickly and efficiently thanks to the new 3D scanner and printer

Now, and thanks to the application of 3D printing, the company is not only in charge of repairing screens or doors or rebuilding bumpers or optical housings. They can also make any type of plastic piece, both from scratch and from one that has suffered some damage.

However, you may be wondering “what if there is no master part to scan?”. In this case there are several possibilities. One of them is that the piece had already been scanned at another time and the pattern saved in digital format. Another option is that they have a design or document of a similar part and that it is modified in the computer before printing it in 3D. Lastly, there would be the possibility of creating the piece from scratch, based on the company's knowledge of it and designing the model to be personalized in 3D printing.

As you can see, the possibilities are almost endless when we talk about 3D printing to create new parts, and from Speed Service Reparation they have already begun to verify all its benefits. On the one hand, they have noticed an improvement in the automation of processes and in their productivity in general. This is related to greater precision when making the parts, since it no longer depends solely on the precision of each employee. In the same way, the similarity between pieces is much greater, with which their reproducibility improves.

We can also highlight its economic benefits. By acting without interruption and within the same company, without the need for intermediaries, profitability has improved remarkably. Also, with a 3D printer working at full capacity, simultaneous processes can increase and so can business billing.

Finally, from Speed Service Reparation they also highlight the capacity for innovation: being able to have a 3D printer allows them to carry out tests without investing too much time or economic expense in material or labor, being able to innovate with new parts and look for alternatives to the sector. of automobile repair.

In short, 3D printing is one of the most promising techniques for manufacturing custom parts and, over the next few years, it will become increasingly notable in the industry.

The INTECH3D 3D Consulting process

INTECH3D we are business advisers and consultants, in the field of the integration of additive production technologies in the value chains of companies. We take responsibility for the correct integration of the teams in the value chain of each company or business:

  • Advice during the choice of the right technology
  • Marketing of equipment, consumables and spare parts
  • Training for the use of the necessary Hardware and Software
  • Integrated equipment maintenance
  • Official technical service for all products marketed

The INTECH3D technical team has more than 6 years of experience in various 3D printing technologies. We have different technologies and manufacturing materials with 3D printing, to cover the different technological or business needs of each sector:

  • Conceptual prototypes
  • Functional prototypes
  • Final components
  • Workshop tools
  • Spare parts
  • Short and medium production series.

It is also very important that all the departments of the same company know all the possibilities and benefits that 3D printing can bring to their sector:

  • Risk reduction in manufacturing
  • Reduced manufacturing costs
  • Reduced manufacturing time
  • Validation with a prototype before making an investment in final manufacturing
  • Manufacture "on demand", without discarding material.
  • Reduction of the "Time to Market" of the final product
  • Manufacture of "Bridge" series to know its fit in the market
  • Possibility of making short production series
  • Elimination of time in the provision of Stock

If you want to apply 3D printing technology in your company or business, do not hesitate to contact us. We are at the service of companies for the immediate resolution of any doubt or query related to the use of the equipment.

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