Visit of the Força Lleida Club Esportiu team at the INTECH3D offices

May 22, 2023
  • The players Juani Marcos, Jaume Lobo and Miguel González, together with the coach, Gerard Encuentra, and the president, Albert Aliaga, visit the offices of INTECH3D and INVELON, the club's sponsor.
  • During the visit, the different technologies that the group specializes in were presented and the team was able to live various experiences of Virtual Reality, Mixed Reality, 3D scanning and printing.

INTECH3D has received some of the players, coach and president of Força Lleida Club Deportivo at its facilities. The visit has been directed by different members of the INTECH3D team, including Joan Folguera and John Amin, founders of INTECH3D, with the aim of presenting the history, vision, values and purpose of the group.

Next, the different members of the basketball club team have had first-hand experiences with different technologies. One of them has consisted of the 3D digitization of the arm, hand and ball of the three players and coach; Juani, Lobo, Miguel and Gerard, and those that will become a unique and personalized trophy, printed in 3D.

Subsequently, the team has also tested various Virtual Reality and Mixed Reality experiences, which, through glasses, have been able to interact with the virtual world, even one of them was related to the sport they are dedicated to: basketball.

The visit ended with the presentation of the rest of the company's warehouses, such as the warehouse, the learning agora and the canteen, where they were given some gifts to thank them for their visit.

INTECH3D and its partner company INVELON have the purpose of creating the best technologies that drive disruptive changes, empowering people and companies to use innovative technologies and create a better future for youth and society. Its strategy is local and global, creating technologies from Lleida that empower companies and people from all over the world. This objective of a local nature and booster of society and youth is what also makes people want to collaborate, support and create synergies between Força Lleida Club Esportiu and companies.

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